Liverpool Contra

Folk Dance Club

Our club meets every Tuesday evening from 7.45 pm until 10 o’clock. We have a Summer break from the end of May until the first Tuesday in September and tend to miss out on the Tuesday immediately after a Bank Holiday, such as Christmas and Easter.

We do a mixture of styles, such as typical Barn Dance or Ceilidh dances; some American Squares and also Playford dances.

For anyone unsure of what Playford dances are, just think of the kind of dancing seen in the TV serial “Pride and Prejudice.” Playford was one of the old English Dancing Masters, who visited the homes of the gentry, teaching music and dancing, so the dances tend to be of a more elegant style than the typical village “hop.” He is one of the most prolific composers of both music and dance, whose manuscripts still remain today, which is why his name is attributed to this style of dance.

No previous experience is needed, as all dances are taught, “walked through”, then danced to music with a Caller, who reminds people of the moves.

There is no annual or joining fee, just a weekly charge, currently of just £2, and this includes a cup of tea and a biscuit!

No partner is needed, as everybody is very friendly and keen to help. In any case, you will meet and dance with many people during the evening. Just wear comfortable clothes and shoes which are easy to dance in -- many people find that sandals are best.
If you have ever been to a Barn Dance (perhaps at a PTA fund raising, at a birthday celebration, or after a wedding) and enjoyed yourself, then this could be for you!

There is plenty of smiling and laughter at our club, especially at the mistakes which we can all make. Beginners are always welcome.

Contact the Secretary:- Maria Warrington 0151 427 1907