Southport Folk Dance Club

With the generous financial help of the Merseyside and Deeside co-ordinating group of folk dance clubs, known locally as MADFolk, the Southport Folk Dance Club was able to organise a beginnerís afternoon workshop, with caller Roy Smith.

It was the first time in many years this type of recruiting event has been organised and all who attended had a great time with over 45 dancers enjoying an interesting and fun event.

It was promoted through the usual leaflets and local newspapers, together with making use of our Facebook page and other local websites.

This led to over 20 new people giving folk dancing a go for the first time in a relaxed atmosphere.

We also welcomed dancers from a couple of other local clubs and we thank them for coming.

Time will tell if this event will lead to more people turning up on a Thursday night to join us for our regular sessions  but without doubt it was a worthwhile endeavour and we will be trying it again next year.

Thanks to Roy Smith and MADFolk for getting behind this event

Peter  Rimmer

Beginners Workshop 1

Beginners Workshop 2

Beginners Workshop 3